Microsoft 365 Excel Advanced Video lessons

Microsoft 365 Excel Advanced class

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Introduction Excel 365 advanced                              

Overview of entire course Excel 365 advanced                                

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Macros                           


Understanding and creating macros part 1                            

Understanding and creating macros part 2                            

Running and editing a macro                         

Chapter 2 Pivot Tables                                  


Creating Pivot Tables                         

Changing and Manipulating Pivot Table Data                                  

Grouping by date and time                            

Grouping by other factors                              

Using slicers to clarify and manipulate fields                       

Using Pivot Charts                             

Chapter 3 Working with lists                         


Query Data with Database functions                         

Outline and Subtotal data Part 1                                

Outline and Subtotal data Part 2                                

Outline and Subtotal data Part 3                                

Chapter 4 Data Analysis tools                                   


Using goal seek                                  

Using solver                           

Using scenario manager                                 

Using data tables                                

Chapter 5: Data management                        


Sorting data                           

Using filters                           

Splitting data into multiple columns                          

Using flash fill                                   

Removing duplicate records                          

Using validation tools                        

Chapter 6  Exchanging Excel data with other programs                               


Embedding objects from Excel                                  

Linking objects from Excel                           

Importing objects into Excel                          

Working with Raw data


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