We often get the question “Is my data and information secure on the internet and cloud?”   The answer is NO!

Below is a letter from Brendan Eich – CTO of the Mozilla Firefox web browser which explains why this is the case:

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the privacy properties of software and services we rely on to use the Internet. Governments, companies, groups and individuals may be watching us without our knowledge. This is particularly troubling when such surveillance is done by governments under statutes and laws that provide limited court oversight and almost no room for public scrutiny.

As a result of laws in the USA and elsewhere, prudent users must interact with Internet services knowing that despite how much any cloud-service company wants to protect privacy, at the end of the day most big companies must comply with the law. The American government can legally access user data in ways that might violate the privacy expectations of law-abiding users. Worse, the government may force service operators to enable surveillance (something that seems to have happened in the Lavabit case).

Worst of all, the American government can do all of this without users ever finding out about it, due to gag orders.

Brendan Eich
CTO and SVP Engineering, Mozilla
Andreas Gal, VP Mobile and R&D, Mozilla

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